QuantiTech’s Bill McArthur Serves as Keynote Speaker for MSFC Safety Day

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center team members were invited to participate in the 2018 Safety Day Oct. 31. With the theme “No One Gets Hurt – Work, Home, Space and Beyond,” Safety Day featured activities and classes focusing on safety across the center. The event’s keynote speaker, QuantiTech employee and former NASA astronaut Bill McArthur, discussed the importance of Safety in our work and home lives.

Prior to joining QuantiTech, Bill McArthur wore multiple distinguished professional hats. Mr. McArthur is a retired United States Army colonel; a NASA veteran of three Space Shuttle missions and one expedition to the International Space Station via the Russian Soyuz capsule, and served as director of Safety and Mission Assurance at NASA’s Johnson Space Center before his retirement in July 2017.

Mr. McArthur’s keynote address “Is It Safe?” focused on safety in our personal lives and the normalization of safety deviance.  Mr. McArthur spoke about how minor deviations from accepted baselines can “become normal” and accepted over time – sometimes with grave consequence. Panel discussions that followed included conversations about the different safety considerations for low Earth orbit vs lunar and deep space missions.