QuantiTech Sponsors & Designs Rocket for Apollo 50th Anniversary Celebration

As part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo mission, QuantiTech volunteered to sponsor a rocket and participate in Huntsville’s Rockets on Parade event. Steve Cash, Vice President of QuantiTech’s Advanced Space Division, enlisted one of QuantiTech’s talented employees to design and paint our company’s contribution. Jenny Craig, B&A Program Lead at QuantiTech, was already on a list of potential rocket artists available in Huntsville, and she graciously stepped up and did a fantastic job designing and painting the QuantiTech Rocket!

When asked about the inspiration for her design, Jenny said, “I came up with the idea because the Space and Rocket Center encouraged paying homage to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo in the design. But, here I was painting an SLS, the future of NASA–so I wanted the painting to tie the past with the future, too.”

The front of the QuantiTech Rocket depicts the famous scene of astronaut Buzz Aldrin walking on the surface of the moon in 1969. Instead of the American Flag reflecting from his visor, however, Jenny chose to have our astronaut looking towards the future of NASA and space exploration. QuantiTech’s astronaut is gazing upon the planet Mars, with the SLS Rocket in the background. In acknowledgement of the technical achievements making this future possible, the back of QuantiTech’s Rocket is a direct replica of the SLS. Jenny used soft body paints by Liquitex and had the rocket clear coated at Rod’s Custom Auto.  All in all, the QuantiTech Rocket took roughly a month to complete, and Jenny’s hard work and creativity is a beautiful addition to the Apollo anniversary!

As part of the Rockets on Parade, QuantiTech’s SLS will be displayed at Panoply and at the Space and Rocket Center with many other SLS Rockets that have been painted in both locations. After being displayed for the 50th anniversary celebration, the rocket will “land” at home with us at QuantiTech!