QuantiTech Recognized at 2018 AIAA Special Awards

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) recently recognized several QuantiTech employees for their “above and beyond” job performance. These employees were presented with the AIAA Special Award and identified for their significant technical accomplishments, outstanding achievements and support to AIAA Section activities. The Special Award category can recognize outstanding project teams as well as individuals who provide significant administrative support and mentoring. Congratulations to our TMAS employees on the CFD Application Team and the JSIS Team; QuantiTech is proud to have such exceptional team members!


JSIS Team Awardees: Danny Brown, Ken Bynum, Janice Denny, Dee Dee Dockrey, Kyle Drake, Robert Hiers, Joe McMorrow, Bob Reed, Emily Ricks, Steve Salita, Pledger Schaefer, Rick Gamble (nominator)


CFD Application Team Awardees: Derick Daniel, Stephen Guimond, Jason Klepper, Robert Knapke, Jacob Sharpe, James Sirbaugh, Stuart Steen, Martha Simmons (nominator)