QuantiTech Announces Our New Lee & Associates Division

Mr. Randy Cash in conjunction with Mr. Jack Lee take great pleasure in announcing the addition of the Lee & Associates Division to QuantiTech. Lee & Associates is a group of highly specialized Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with unparalleled experience and knowledge supporting NASA and the mission of human space exploration. This new division offers quality, niche expertise in order to deliver expert solutions to our Customers.


In addition to a team of over 60 space exploration SMEs, Lee & Associates brings the expertise of Mr. Jack Lee to the QuantiTech Team. Mr. Jack Lee is a former Director of Marshall Space Flight Center and has experience managing NASA’s Spacelab, Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle Definition Office, and Sortie Lab Task Team.


QuantiTech is honored to have Lee & Associates join the QuantiTech Family. We look forward to increased opportunities supporting the next generation of technology and testing for NASA, Advanced Space Exploration, and Human Space Flight efforts!